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Qingdao Mountainline Trading Co., Ltd is one of the leading fake eyelash glue manufacturer in China. We export high-quality eyelash glue supplier whose products are spread in every cosmetic market in various countries of the world.

We produce over 800 styles of eyelashes including 3D mink, luxury minks, 3D silk, 3d full mink horse, fur human hair, natural synthetic eyelashes, magnetic lashes, party lashes, and cluster lashes with glues which are made with exclusive techniques on super soft eyelashes band with approving eyelash glue manufacturer.

We also invent protection coating products which enhance the maintenance period of eyelash glue manufacturer for a greater period of time and invent eyelash tonic essence to strengthen weak eyelash by the pure oriental medical method. In these results, we generating an incredible response from all cosmetic markets in different regions.

Our products have been sold in the EU, US, Middle East Asia, and many other countries. We also supply ODM and OEM services for global brands and different markets. We provide many new series of lashes in all cosmetic markets worldwide including 3D faux mink eyelashes, and other advanced eye beauty tools.

What Did Our Team Service include?

Being a reputable eyelash glue supplier, we always make sure our clients receive a complete package of cosmetic products along with satisfying services, and additional marketing services to improve their sales campaign. Henceforth, our team service tends to offer;

  • Sales R & D purchasing
  • One-stop service including customized styles
  • Quality control
  • Marketing
  • Private labeling
  • Strict quality inspection
  • On time delivery
  • After sell service

What Makes Our Eyelashes Unique?

Our manufactured fake eyelashes are long lasting, latex free, and waterproof, these significant elements make it ideal for everyone, and for every consumer whether you run a salon, a freelance makeup artist, or an individual user.

Whether your customers need for day time or night, our provided eyelashes are the secret weapon to set their eyes on the full charm and look appealing all time. As far as our provided glue material is concerned, it’s completely made of secure material and gently fall over the skin, making lashes stronger than expected no matter how you use.

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